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Thor Bullets

Thor™ Universal Speed Loader - Muzzleloader Speed Loader

Thor™ Universal Speed Loader - Muzzleloader Speed Loader

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The Thor® Universal Speed Loader is a simple and effective tool for any modern muzzleloader shooter. Designed to accommodate either a .40, .45 or .50 caliber bullet in the short tube and up to 170 grains of powder in the long tube, the Thor Universal Speed Loader allows hunters to have an extra load at the ready when needed. In addition to the bullet and powder storage, Thor has integrated pockets on the cap to store a Variflame primer or 209 primer to ensure you are ready for quick follow-up shots.

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Engineered to be Better!

Thor bullets are the industry leader in terminal performance and weight retention. Our bullets feature a true copper gas seal to ensure a precision fit to your barrel.