Testing Thor™ Bullets in my CVA Accura LR - Ilovemuzzleloading

Testing Thor™ Bullets in my CVA Accura LR - Ilovemuzzleloading

Ethan over at Ilovemuzzleloading.com heads to the range to do some modern muzzleloader testing with a CVA Accura LR V2 and a pack of premium THOR Bullets.

Earlier this year I was able to pick up a CVA Accura LR v2 from Muzzle-loaders.com. I noticed supply for all muzzleloaders beginning to dwindle and knew I needed to plan if I wanted to do any shooting before the end of the year.

In short, we’re at the range today testing 70 grain and 80 grain Blackhorn 209 charges, measured by weight with some 247 grain THOR Bullets, sized to my bore at .50”. My target is a regulation 100 yard Muzzleloading Rifle Target set 100 yards downrange from my bench.

After taking my first shots with 70 grain charges and adjusting my scope to get onto the white of the paper, I bumped up to the 80 grain charge, closer to the Accura’s 84 grain by weight max charge to follow a CVA pro-staffer’s recommendation. Taking my next 6 shots with the 80 grain charge was a bit of a shocker for me, that 80 grains of Blackhorn 209 is a stout load, but in the end it was a bit more accurate than the 70 grains.

I was able to stack shots into a nice group and with a little scope adjustment, I’ll be cutting through the 10 and X rings of this target in no time.

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