The Thor™ Bullets do not require a plastic sabot or patching of any kind! Most black powder projectiles require the use of a sabot or plastic base to provide an adequate seal to the bore. The patented gas seal (US Patent US20070068415A1) design of the Thor bullets allows for a tight gas seal against the barrel and rifling, without the use of these plastic or fall-away belts. What does this mean for the shooter? It means that reduced plastic residue in your barrel and rifling after each shot, which drastically reduces the need to clean between shots and will result in better accuracy.


The Thor™ Bullets are designed on the Barnes® X-Bullet™ Technology which offers controlled expansion, without fragmentation in a solid copper bullet. In fact, Thor bullets are designed to expand 30% more than comparable lead bullets. While many other ballistic tipped projectiles will fragment on impact, the X-Bullet provides a perfect mushroom, without fragmentation. This technology along with the Thor full bore patent allows for cleaner entry and exit wounds, higher internal damage and easy to track blood trails.


Thor Bullet ExpansionThor™ Bullets are a true full bore .50 caliber bullet. This means that if you shoot a .50 caliber muzzleloader, you can now shoot a true .50 caliber bullet! Traditional saboted muzzleloader bullets are typically .050” smaller than the bore of the muzzleloader, which means you're using a .45 caliber bullet with a ½” sabot, instead of a true .50 caliber bullet. The main reason that manufacturers have used sabots is to increase the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of the bullet. Unfortunately, this results in a reduced diameter bullet with less mass and kinetic energy. Full-bore bullets produce a larger wound channel, which leads to quicker and cleaner kills. Additionally, because of the tighter seal with Thor bullets produces consistently higher velocities versus belted or saboted projectiles. ​

Additionally, the .50 caliber diameter ensures that Thor bullets are legal in 49 states where a .50 caliber minimum bullet is required. These full bore bullets allow for greater velocities when compared with competing muzzleloader bullets due to Thor's patented gas seal. Thor™ bullets actually shoot 75-100 FPS faster than comparable bullets due to their superb sealing power.  



Thor™ Bullets have some of the best weight retention on the market. Through thorough testing, we have found that our bullets retain more than 95% of their weight after passing through an animal. Many lead-core, tipped bullets deliver a quick blow to big game animals, but they do so at the cost of lead fragmenting throughout the wound tract. Our copper bullets may be lighter than traditional lead bullets, but they are also harder. This means that they are less prone to fragmenting. The advantage of increased weight retention in a bullet is greater consistent lethal energy, as well as a cleaner pass-through.


Thor™ Bullets are constructed from 99.95% copper alloy which makes them legal for big game hunting in all 50 US States including California.  The other advantage of the Thor™ copper bullets is the ability for the copper to expand and seal when the powder is ignited. The copper has the ability to obturate and create a premium gas seal with little to no blowback, leading to greater velocities, increased accuracy and increased kinetic energy exhorted on the target.


Currently, California mandates lead-free bullets for all hunting scenarios. The all-copper Thor bullets are certified non-lead and approved for use in California for all hunting applications. Additionally, more hunters are aware of the effects of lead fragmentation and poisoning in carcasses. With a traditional lead bullet, fragmenting can taint the harvested meat and organs, which may be consumed by humans or scavenging wildlife. In the past, lead bullets offered the most ethical kill of animals, but with our new technology, Thor bullets offer better performance and benefit our wildlife and natural resources.


The Thor™ Hammer Bullets are the only copper muzzleloader bullets that are sized to fit your specific bore diameter. The process requires ordering a sizing pack to get the true diameter of your muzzleloader bore. Hammer Bullets are sized for bores from .500" to .503". This sizing ensures that the gas seal is tuned with your barrel, reducing blow by and increasing exit velocity and down-range accuracy.

If you have other questions regarding Thor Bullets, please visit out FAQ page here: Frequently Asked Questions