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Testing -

Ethan over at heads to the range to do some modern muzzleloader testing with a CVA Accura LR V2 and a pack of premium THOR Bullets. Earlier this year I was able to pick up a CVA Accura LR v2 from I noticed supply for all muzzleloaders beginning to dwindle and knew I needed to plan if I wanted to do any shooting before the end of the year. In short, we’re at the range today testing 70 grain and 80 grain Blackhorn 209 charges, measured by weight with some 247 grain THOR Bullets, sized to my bore...

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Sizing -

Our friends at put together this informational video on sizing your Thor bullets. Understanding that every single barrel has a very slight difference in bore diameter is important when it comes to purchasing the best bullet for your muzzleloader. Thor Bullets® is a bore specific bullet meaning that they come in multiple sizes to fit perfectly for any rifle. The Thor Bullets® Sizing pack will allow you to size your bore before you buy a whole pack of bullets, this will save you time and money and give you confidence that you are purchasing the correct bullets for every...

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Thor™ Bullets are quickly growing in popularity among black powder shooters. The patented Thor bullet creates the best accuracy and results of any muzzleloader bullet on the market. One of the big questions that we get is "Are these bullets legal to hunt with in my state?" Thor Bullets are legal in almost all 50 States besides the State of Idaho, where the regulations require a traditional projectile. In the State of Oregon only the 247 & 297-grain bullets fall within the muzzleloader hunting requirements, due to Oregon prohibiting ballistic tips on muzzleloader bullets. In California, Colorado and Washington all...

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This is a question that we get pretty often and the answer is yes! We have several customers that have great success using the sized Thor Hammer bullets in their Savage Smokeless muzzleloaders.

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Muzzleloader regulations have been updated in the state of Colorado. It has been determined that a minimum of .50 caliber is required for hunting elk and moose with a conical projectile and .54 caliber when hunting with a round ball projectile. The following info was provided by the lead wildlife investigator Bob Thompson from Colorado Parks and Wildlife as well as the CPW Wildlife Regulations page:   #203 – Manner of Take A. The following are legal methods of take for all species and seasons listed in this chapter, except as otherwise noted. Any method of take not listed herein shall be prohibited, except as...

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