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Thor™ Bullet Aligner & Loading Jag - .50 Caliber

Thor™ Bullet Aligner & Loading Jag - .50 Caliber

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The Thor® .50 Caliber Bullet Aligner Tool is specifically designed to ensure the muzzleloading bullet projectile used is properly seated and aligned as it is loaded down the barrel.

When it comes to precision and accuracy it is vitally important that your projectile is loaded the same way every time, that is where the Thor® Bullet Aligner Tool comes in. The tool perfectly fits over the Thor® muzzleloader bullet as well as a variety of .50 caliber bullets to ensure the bullet is loaded perfectly parallel to the barrel, this ensures consistent performance out of your muzzleloader and has been proven to increase the accuracy of high-performance black powder projectiles. 

The Thor® .50 Caliber Bullet Aligner Tool is constructed of a soft brass alloy that is both durable and safe for the interior of a muzzleloader barrel. Improve your accuracy today by incorporating the Bullet Aligner Tool in your muzzleloader loading process and reap the benefits of superior precision and accuracy. 

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Thor bullets are the industry leader in terminal performance and weight retention. Our bullets feature a true copper gas seal to ensure a precision fit to your barrel.