Thor® Muzzleloader Cleaning Solvent - 8oz Bottle - TH1800

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The Thor® Muzzleloader Cleaning Solvent is a non-toxic and non-hazardous, rust preventive solvent specifically formulated for black powder firearms that is both water soluble and bio-degradable.

To use, simply soak a dry cotton patch in Thor™ Solvent, and run it through the muzzleloader barrel to dissolve residue left from shooting black powder or pyrodex. Use a brass or nylon cleaning brush to remove any large chunks impediments. Next, swab the barrel alternating a soaked patch and a dry patch until the patches come out clean. It’s that simple.

The Thor™ Solvent is a great way to clean with little effort! The solvent does all the work for you, and makes cleaning your rifle’s barrel both simple and efficient. 

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