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Thor™ Pre-Soaked Solvent Cleaning Patches - 100 Pack - TH1801

Thor™ Pre-Soaked Solvent Cleaning Patches - 100 Pack - TH1801

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The Thor™ Pre-Soaked Cleaning Patches are designed to keep you firearm in prime operating condition. These 2-inch round cleaning patches are designed for use in all .45 thru .54 caliber muzzleloaders. The pre-soaked patches make cleaning your muzzleloader barrel simple while effectively removing fouling and reducing overall cleaning time. 

Thor™ offers a series of solvents and rust preventatives specifically formulated for black powder firearms. The Thor™ solvents are widely known as some of the best in the muzzleloading industry.

The Thor™ Muzzleloader Patches are pre-saturated with a water-based, non-toxic solvent and come ready-to-use in a re-sealable plastic jar. Run one of the 100 pre-saturated patches down your barrel after cleaning to protect against rust and corrosion. Use for quick, easy barrel cleaning at home or at the range, or take the patches with you for on-the-go cleaning to preserve the durability of your muzzleloader.

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Thor bullets are the industry leader in terminal performance and weight retention. Our bullets feature a true copper gas seal to ensure a precision fit to your barrel.